Monthly Archives: March 2015


Nigel from Kanuka recently posted about Micro-Learning and posed the question if it even existed?  You may have heard of it recently with some of the buzz around using bite-sized pieces of learning to break-up learning into pieces that are easier for learners to consume; this is the basic theory behind micro-learning.  What’s the difference between micro-learning and micro-content?  Well, read Nigel’s blog to get more details, but in a nutshell what we often think of as micro-learning might just be micro-content, what we need to do with micro-learning is use our bite-sized pieces to inspire and let learners take control over their learning.  That’s something we can help you with!  Drop Nigel an email to discuss in more detail or contact us to arrange a discussion.

Working Out Loud

Have you heard about Working Out Loud?  One of the hottest topics right now is the use of social media to share what we’re doing.  It’s not just about sharing our successes, but also our failures and learnings along the way.  What about in your workplace?  Is it safe to try and maybe not succeed?  It’s all about the environment you set and how comfortable your employees feel in that environment.

In the Nth Degree Kanuka Consulting’s Nigel Young takes the idea a little further and looks at actually Learning Out Loud.  Isn’t it time we started sharing more in the learning as well as the success?

Read it here:  Learning Out Loud