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Selecting your LMS

As you may know Kanuka launched KLearn this week which is our Learning Management System (LMS) which we’ll be using to put up free resources as well as client areas and even helping out a not-for-profit organisation (more details to come…).  It prompted Kanuka’s own Nigel Young to review the options for an LMS on a low budget in his blog the Nth Degree: 

The conclusion is there’s no one-size fits all. That’s where we can help you to decide what’s going to work out best for your organisation.  If you have the time and know-how to sift between the several hundred LMS options that exist out there you’re not the typical L&D or HR Manager, if you are then speak to us and we can help.

In the meantime enjoy the read and reply to Nigel directly if you want some help or of course through our contact us page.

Getting a face-lift

It’s all well and good to spend your time making good elearning and having great looking charts for consultancy work but your own site sometimes gets overlooked that’s not such a great thing so we gave the site a bit of a face-lift on the holiday weekend.  Funny thing is you’d be amazed how often we see a client and they do the same thing – forget about the way internal systems look – like your LMS – and put all their focus on external people and clients.

Anyway we thought our main site could use a revamp to a cleaner and more modern responsive theme so check it out at and let us know what you think.

In the meantime maybe it’s time to look at your own systems and consider a face-lift?  Maybe you need a helping hand doing that? If so, let us know :)

kanuka k nowriting

Starting out with eLearning

One of hardest things to do is to start something.  Not just in your learning or elearning but in general – you feel like you don’t know anything and it’s easy to feel a bit out of your depth straight away.  eLearning is great for that.  You hear about these experts condemning the elearning that others have done or that the system is not interactive enough or there’s too much ‘click next’ type activity.  The problem is often that you haven’t even got that far… there’s no existing ‘e’ anything, there’s no learning management system (or LMS) and the closest thing to tracking you have is that old Excel spreadsheet which as fallen woefully out of date.

Probably a good time to give us a buzz.  We’re based in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty but don’t let that put you off if you’re further afield – this is a distance based solution after all and we like to practise what we preach.  We can help sort you out with the right LMS for your needs (or determine if you need one at all) – we’re independent so not tied to one LMS or another or show you how go get the most out of the one you’re using.  We can produce your elearning or even show you how to produce your own with the minimal of fuss; we can ensure you get the settings right to track and plug your learning into your systems in line with your learning strategies (heck.. we can help with those too!).

eLearning is a minefield and an expensive one too if you don’t know what to expect.  One of the other services we can provide is consultancy to help you better interact with some of the big companies out there – elearning can certainly be a daunting area but the rewards and efficiencies are massive if done right… sometimes it just helps to have the right kind of guide.

Nigel is our resident learning technologies and elearning specialist – follow him on Twitter @the_nthdegree or via email or by calling +64 27 509 5335 for a commitment free chat.

Oh and, the Nth Degree is also a great blog to help you on your way!