Our Learning Management System... or yours!

Welcome to KLearn!  KLearn is Kanuka Consulting Ltd's Learning Management System or LMS.  Click on the image below or here to visit KLearn.  You can setup an account for yourself by self-registering on the site.  If you don't have an LMS yourself then we can set one up for you!  This is a Moodle LMS the most commonly used LMS in the world, but because we're fully independent you don't have to use Moodle as your LMS (it may not be the best system for you).  Contact us to arrange an LMS for yourself.  Too small for an LMS?  Don't panic we can also host and run 'space' for you on our LMS.  We administer the system and you have full access to results and 'teacher' access to interact with your students - it's an LMS without the headaches or costs!

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