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March 29th
I've got to run #pkmchat have a 1-on-1 with one of my team, interesting to see what I can learn from that as always :) See you next time gang #pkmchat
March 29th
a3 again 'easy' isn't necessarily the target for learning. We're after a greater depth & breadth of learning & the best chances for success... #pkmchat
March 29th
Jeez three seconds into my new job as a relationship counsellor & I'm already not enough... dang it, career change again... lol #pkmchat …


Nigel is the Learning Solutions Consultant at Kanuka Consulting, principally in charge of helping organisations unlock their full potential of learning.  Nigel has spent well over 20 years in Education, Training, Learning and Development and Learning Technologies from schools, to government to corporate and military.  His speciality lies in the use of learning technologies and has post graduate qualifications in both education and training management as well as a computing background.

He can work with organisations to help at a strategic level or help to setup learning technologies, deliver frontline training and even produce highly effective e-learning solutions.  Nigel is a people-first consultant who enjoys working directly with people to achieve great results.

Nigel is recognised both nationally and internationally for his work in learning technologies and has delivered key notes across the region as well as having a recognised following of his blog The Nth Degree.  Nigel has been on the NZATD national committee and led the e-learning essentials initiative for them for a number of years. 

Nigel has also worked most recently as the Manager for Quality, Teaching and Learning at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (the third largest institute in New Zealand).  He was also the chair for the sector's academic managers and has an in-depth knowledge of the tertiary education sector.


March 14th
It’s pretty clear by looking at me that I’m not a millenial. I was born in 1971 which probably sticks me firmly in the Generation X category I would say, at least according to the broad categories as I understand them. I’m getting kind o…
March 14th
If there’s one thing that the Time’s Up movement is teaching us all in this modern world it’s that eventually, eventually we need to move on from the old world and embrace the new. In the case of Time’s Up it’s a long overdue…
March 1st
​The trends in gaming are often a great indicator for learning design too. More recently we’ve seen a massive pull towards the AR/VR world with an emphasis on an immersive experience. Recently Synapsys worked with one of our partners looking a…
February 16th
Many of us remember the days when the answer was always held in the black box. The origins of which (at least according to my memory) seemed to be around the flight box recorders in aircraft known as the black box. They were mysteriously magical things th…