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September 19th
If more young people voted, the world would be a different place right now. We need2 re-engage youth & start using technology 4 voting!
September 19th
Have you voted yet New Zealand? I have :) Voting is open now until Sat. (don’t have to do it on the day!). Make sure u vote! #nzelection
September 18th
Learn more about Social Media as a Collaborative Work Space from one of our Snr Consultants @The_NthDegree here 


Nigel is the Learning Solutions Consultant at Kanuka Consulting, principally in charge of helping organisations unlock their full potential of learning.  Nigel has spent well over 20 years in Education, Training, Learning and Development and Learning Technologies from schools, to government to corporate and military.  His speciality lies in the use of learning technologies and has post graduate qualifications in both education and training management as well as a computing background.

He can work with organisations to help at a strategic level or help to setup learning technologies, deliver frontline training and even produce highly effective e-learning solutions.  Nigel is a people-first consultant who enjoys working directly with people to achieve great results.

Nigel is recognised both nationally and internationally for his work in learning technologies and has delivered key notes across the region as well as having a recognised following of his blog The Nth Degree.  Nigel has been on the NZATD national committee and led the e-learning essentials initiative for them for a number of years. 

Nigel has also worked most recently as the Manager for Quality, Teaching and Learning at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (the third largest institute in New Zealand).  He was also the chair for the sector's academic managers and has an in-depth knowledge of the tertiary education sector.


September 19th
Interesting report thanks for sharing Maria and I recommend it as a read to everyone in education (including compulsory sector which in many instances aren’t that far ahead). What’s interesting (other than the disconnect with educational leade…
September 13th
One of the big challenges for organisations internally is the management of knowledge, this often seems to sit with individuals rather than collectively in the organisation. This is often most clearly highlighted when a single employee in a key position m…
September 4th
You always learn the most from things that don’t go the way they were planned. Projects sometimes don’t go the way you plan them and that’s a fact no matter how good a project manager you may be (or sometimes in spite of), even in the mo…
August 30th
There’s one distinct difference between education and training when it comes to learning technologies. Well, technically there’s lots of differences, but the one that strikes me the most after spending years in both areas is where the digital …